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Making Wall Art Around 5 Things on a Wall

This wall was blank for a while.  I had a sofa table on the wall with a lamp and picture frames on it.  The thermostat and ugly door bell stood out .  Why would the builder seriously do something so stupid?  We couldn’t move anything around, so we had to figure out a way to make it work.  So, I began to see picture collages and my husband sent me a link a while back (it was like 3 years ago, definitely don’t know where credit is due) of a wall collage.  It was a great idea and it hid all the needed switches, door bell, thermostat and vent.  It is also a focal point in between two rooms and a great way to cherish moments.

My neighbor had the same stuff on her wall.  She went and did the same thing!

picture wall

Okay... find the thermostat, door bell, two light switches and vent.





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