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Make Cut-Off Shorts!!!

I am pretty sure I have mentioned that my child might actually be a monkey!  Seriously! He climbs everything!  As a result his clothes do not last very long!  He climbs trees and rips his shirts and tears holes in his pants on a regular basis!

Seriously… this is my monkey child. Climbing up everything and anything every time I turn around! He is the oldest of my three boys and a real boy through and through!

I am always finding ways to preserve his clothes a little longer!  I buy the jeans with reinforced knees,  mend rips if possible, but still end up tossing plenty of ruined clothes.

Making cut off shorts out of old jeans that have gotten too short or have holes in the knees is really easy and makes me feel better about all the clothes my boys go through!

Holes in the knees... no problem!

1.  Cut straight across just above the hole in the jeans (or measure to your desired length making sure to leave an extra 1/2 to 1 inch for the hem).

2.  Take the part you just cut off and lay it on top of the other pant leg to use as a guide to make sure you cut both sides the same length.

3.  Turn the jeans inside out and fold the cut of ends of the pants up an 1/2 inch to 1 inch and sew.

Before hemming

After hemming

That’s it!  Easy!  Now these pants can get a little more money’s worth out of them!

One handsome guy!


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