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Looking to host a party in 2023? These are America’s best cities to do it.

Moms know hosting a gathering can be an a stressful event. From the prep work, to the actually event, to the cleanup—It’s quite the undertaking. Despite this, many moms host a variety of events for friends and family, like a kid’s birthday party, Christmas, or a summer BBQ. Although you can host a knock out party just about anywhere in the U.S., are some cities better equipped to host than others? What makes a city top-notch for having company?

A recent study found the best U.S. cities for hosting, according to a variety of ranking factors that would make for an ideal hosting experience, from home amenities, hospitable rentals, and event planning resources. In total, 100 cities were analyzed across 16 ranking factors, including catering costs, home square footage, on-street parking, surrounding Airbnb rental availability, internet speeds, crime rates, grocery costs, and more!

According to the study, Charleston, South Carolina is the best U.S. city for hosting an event. With a score of 79,3, the Southern city boasted affordable groceries, a surplus of Superhost and Airbnb Plus rentals for guests, and more. Daytona Beach, Florida (78.8); Fort Myers, Florida (77.1); Greenville, South Carolina, Orlando, Florida (76.7, tie); and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (73.3) round out the top five positions.

“From a surplus of Superhost and Airbnb Plus rentals to groceries priced below the national average cost, Charleston is where rich culture meets southern hospitality – it’s a way of life,” said the company. “As one of the oldest cities in the U.S., Charleston’s history can be felt and seen in any home. Whether you find a gorgeous Federal style home or Victorian single, many homes throughout the city will charm you and your houseguests.”

For a complete list of cities, check out the list.

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