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Lemonade Stands!!!

So my six year old has been begging for quite a while now to sell lemonade.  I have been crazy busy with moving and kept distracting him and putting him off.  I finally gave in this week.

Why in the world didn’t I let them do this sooner???  Seriously!!!!!  It kept them so busy!!!  I would let them have one every single day if it didn’t bug the neighbors!

The hardworking adorable boys waiting anxiously for cars to drive by!

They spent all day coloring signs… really nice detailed signs!  Apparently they are more motivated to really do a good job if they think it will make them more money!$!$!

So after working all day on signs they set up a little table with cups and waved and jumped at every car that drove by… really the cutest thing ever!

I decided that anyone who drives past a lemonade stand without stopping is completely heartless!

Working hard on his sign!

We turned the lemonade stand into a math lesson.  The kids counted the money and then divided it up evenly.  They also figured out how much profit they made after subtracting the cost for the lemonade.

The boys each ended up with $3.75 after an hour and half of selling 25 cent cups of juice.  They were very excited!

Not bad huh!  The kids were busy, I got tons of stuff done, and they actually learned something!

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