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Ingle & Rhode Reviews

Human exploitation, conflict diamonds and environmental damage are all major issues facing the jewelry industry today. Many, if not most, jewelers do not deal with these and turn a blind eye. Introducing Ingle & Rhode, a jeweler that not only recognizes these issues, but has created a solution.

Ingle & Rhode have extensively investigated and pioneered a supply chain that allows them to trace the origin of all materials (gold, diamonds, etc.) used in their jewelry.  This chain gives their customers peace of mind, with proof that their jewelry does not come from businesses that exploits their workers or from countries and organizations that fund wars.

It doesn’t stop there. Locating and mining for these materials traditionally has had a negative impact on the environment. It does not have to be that way and Ingle & Rhode only trades with businesses that minimize their environmental impact. This includes using recycled platinum in their jewelry.

Continuing their pioneering ways, Ingle & Rhode is one of a handful of jewelers that have been licensed to sell certified Fairtrade & Fairmined gold jewelry. This creates a fair playing field for communities to compete with global trade.

Ingle & Rhode Reviews

Ingle & Rhode create amazing jewelry that receive great reviews

Now that you know what they stand for, let’s talk about their jewelry. Ingle & Rhode designs and creates custom jewelry to fit many different budgets and personal styles. Meet and work with one of their experts to create a unique piece that can be luxurious or as budget-conscience as you would like.

If you are worried that the exceptional quality and pioneering safeguards will increase the price, think again. Ingle & Rhode’s custom-made jewelry is priced competitively.  But there is no upper-limit, so if you have something more expensive in mind, brief their experts and let them exceed your expectations. Jewelry is usually completed within six weeks.

Ingle & Rhode delivers exceptional custom jewelry while giving their clients the peace of mind that the environment, local communities and workers are treated with respect.  Reviews of Ingle & Rhode are extremely positive.  They have an abundance of satisfied clients, and Ingle & Rhode reviews across the internet are very positive.

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