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How to Make a Super Hero Mask and Wristbands

My little monkey is asking to have a super hero birthday party this year.  I want it to be really fun, but don’t want to spend a ton of money.  I decided to make the kids their own super hero masks and wrist bands to use during the party and keep as party favors.

I made blue, red, and pink masks for the party.

I ended up finding some really cheap felt pieces at Michaels.  I could pick any five pieces for $1.  I ended up getting 10 pieces, $3 stretching string, and some fabric iron on velcro.  I also used a 40% off one item coupon from the Sunday paper, but you can also find them online.  In the end I was able to make ten super hero masks and ten sets of matching super hero wristbands for a total price of $10.91.  In fact, I ended up having some leftover felt as well.

Making the mask: 
1.  After getting the felt, cut out a mask template.  You can design your own or use one of the many templates they have online.  I used this template.
2.  Use the template to cut masks out of the felt.
3.  Thread your stretchy string through a large holed eye needle.  I used a simple not to hold the string in place on each side of the mask.

Making the Wristbands:
1.  Measure the length of your child’s wrist so you know what length you need to cut your fabric.  The fabric must wrap around at least an inch so there is room to secure the velcro.  I let mine wrap around a bit more since I was planning for kids of different ages at the party and wanted to make sure I left enough room for it to fit the older children as well.
2.  Use the felt to cut out the initial you want to use on the wrist band.  You can cut out any shape you want in place of an initial as well.  By hand, or by machine, sew the edges of the initials to the middle of each wristband.
3.  Cut small one inch pieces of fabric iron on velcro.  Iron on to your felt wristbands.



Here you can see the approximate sizes I used for the letters and the lenghts of the wristbands.



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