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Have Weekends Away From Your Kids… It’s SO Healthy!

I might get a lot of bad views by the title of this post, but it’s probably from the moms that haven’t left their kids before.  Of course I HATE saying good-bye to them, but it’s a chance for me to get to spend one on one time with my husband.

Last weekend, we went to Wintergreen Resort skiing (midwest fans don’t laugh) with Brian’s work.  We had the most awesome time.  We slept in and enjoyed each other without interruptions.  It was just us.


Having a great time!

Some things I just don’t notice when I’m busy with two kids, here’s one:

tree sno

Some things I take for granted when I'm so busy with two little ones.

We definitely had great food while we were there — a serious shout out to Harris Grant Consulting for everything.  This was our last meal.

breakfast at wintergreen resort, The Copper Mine

Our last delicious meal.

We had so much fun, but I was so excited to see my babes!

two sweet girls

Neither one of them were asleep, they just wanted their mama!

My whole point of this article is to tell you that it isn’t easy getting away and leaving your kids, but it really is healthy.  It was great spending time with my husband and so awesome to see my kids faces light up when they saw me after the trip.  Ella did have a great time with her grandparents and they had a great time with her.

Seriously, try it.  Go away for even one night.  There is an advice sheet that the doctor gives parents at each well visit and all of them say to take time to spend with your spouse.  So true.  It was amazing.



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