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Have a Lion Jungle Party!

I feel everyone is always looking for fun birthday party ideas for preschoolers.  Once they are in grade school the kids seem to have their own ideas of what they want for their birthday parties.  So why not have a Lion Jungle Party.  This party was awesome and very inexpensive!

I love to make my own cakes and always make this party of the birthday ritual!

We decorated the house with different shades of $1 green streamers hanging from the ceiling to give it a jungle feel.  We also got some jungle looking plates, napkins, and a table cloth.  Green balloons littered the floor as well.  As the party kids arrived they sat at the table and played play dough with all my animal cookie cutters and plastic animal toys.  I called one child over at a time and had them pick an animal face painting design I had preselected (I checked out a book from my local library).  I painted each child’s face with some left over Halloween face paint.  After everyone had their face painted we went to the basement and played freeze dance to some sweet jungle songs (Lion King sound track, Wild Thing, Jungle Fever, etc..).

After that it was cake and cupcakes!  Easy and inexpensive!  The party went really well and the kids had a great time!  I highly recommend a Lion Jungle Party!

M&M for the eyes, mini marshmallows cut in half for the cheeks, and red fruit loops cut in half for the mouth


The table setting for the party

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