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Girl Baby Shower Success!

I have been working on this baby shower ever since a certain favorite mommy found out she was finally having a girl!  Like me, she has three boys and her and I have always joked and dreamed of having that little girl in pink and ruffles one day!  For her, the dream is coming true and I was all about having a fun frilly shower to celebrate!

I am moving in 2 weeks and didn’t have  a lot of stuff left unpacked, but needed some easy and elegant decorations to make the house look great for the shower.  I hung tulle up around the entry way stair case and put cute little flowers in it.  It turned out really nice.  I also have a fabulous friend who does flower arranging who put together a few gorgeous pieces to place around the room.



These cream puffs stole the show! They were awesome!

Personalized M&M's for party favors

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