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Fun Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

It’s Thanksgiving time and I have a lot to be thankful for. Mainly, my three little monkeys that constantly amuse me (did I mention my hubby is a pretty good catch also?!).

I feel like Thanksgiving is often a rushed holiday… its thrown in there after the huge excitement of Halloween and rushed through so we can all gear up for the Christmas season. I really wanted to get my kids thinking about Thanksgiving and the things they are thankful for.

Here are a couple fun turkey projects to get your family in the Thanksgiving spirit!

Does it get any cuter? I obviously did not influence his answers. They are his own, but we did talk about how we are thankful for all the really important things in life as well.

These were fun projects for the kids and I so enjoyed their cute little personalities as they told me all about the things they love! I did this project with four different kids all 3 or 4 years old. A few of the things I heard about (so love these little guys): swimming, mommy’s and daddy’s, pets, Chuck-E-Cheese, power rangers, friends, little sisters, nintendo wii, cookies, baseball, etc…

All you need is a few different colored feathers cut from construction paper, glue, and a turkey body with its facial features.


For the hand print turkey, just paint each finger a different color, place on the paper in a circular pattern, then have the kids glue on the rest of the turkey cut from construction paper on.

Here is another Thankful Turkey project... Geez these kids are cute!!!

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