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Celebrating Your Child’s 4th Birthday Party

We hear it’s time for another birthday! Celebrating your little one’s birthday only gets more and more fun as time goes on because they can appreciate the effort you put into their parties. Not only that, but the parties are more exciting for the little guest of honor, especially because they’ve begun to form their own opinions, ideas, and interests. They might even remember that fun smash cake at a friend’s party, or how cool the pinata was at their cousin’s bash. 

So to begin, there are a few details you’ll need to know before you pick your theme. Even though parties for little kids aren’t generally long and they rely on the child’s particular schedule for what time works best, as the kids get older, the parties can be a bit  longer. 

How Long Should the Party Last?

Your one-year-old didn’t need more than one or two hours of friends and family celebrating, but your four-year-old might enjoy having a little more time with their guests. For the 4-6 year old crowd, 2 hours may be plenty enough party time. 

Should We Invite Friends and Family? 

For the first few birthday parties you have with your little one, it’s safe to say that family is your best bet in terms of attendees. But as your child is getting older, your child is making friends who may love to attend a birthday party. Speaking of friends, if you’re inviting a bunch of children from your child’s class, it’s important to make sure no one feels singled out or left out. If you are inviting more children from a daycare class or pre-K, you can even invite the parents.  

Party Planning and Theme Ideas 

Party planning for your four-year-old is pretty fun, because your little one is likely in pre-K at this point. If they’re in pre-K, then they have a whole classroom full of little friends to celebrate special occasions with! With that in mind, if your child’s birthday is towards the end of the year, you’ve probably already attended a couple of fourth birthday parties recently. That’s why you have to keep it interesting and exciting for your child with a unique party theme. 

We’re here to help you plan a great party that will exceed your kid’s expectations, but not your budget. Here are four party themes your little one and their friends will love. 

I’m Digging Being Four

Get Down and Dirty with a Construction Party 

Who doesn’t love digging in the dirt, especially when you’ve got your best buddies around? Construction-themed parties are fun for everyone involved. You can set up the party theme to include goody bags, the cake, decorations, and more. 

You can even add in some fun activities for the birthday builder, like:

  • Foreman Says (just like Simon Says!) 
  • Pin the Tools on Bob 
  • Dirt Pile Play  

An Out of This World Party… 4,3,2,1…Blast off! 

Make Like Elon Musk and Head to Outer Space with a UFO and Space Theme Party 

In 2020, heading to outer space was a big deal. A UFO or space-themed birthday party is one of the most fun ways to celebrate leaving age 3 behind. There are so many different party games that could be fun with a space party, too. From decorating a room to look like outer space or having costumes for the little astronauts, this can be a really unique party.

Here are some fun activities to consider: 

  • Make moon rocks
  • Set up a space slime table
  • Rent an inflatable moonbounce 

The Princess Has Arrived

Sometimes the crown doesn’t need to be heavy, especially when it’s a tiara for your 4 year old.

Although princess parties are age-old and sort of par for the course for your little royal gal, there’s no excuse for the party to be “usual”. You can find all sorts of unique, unusual ways to make your princess’ party stand out, from different types of princess themes to different kinds of games played at the party. Don’t forget to match the decor with the goodie bags – your princess’ pals will love it. 

Here are some fun, unique ideas for your princess party:

  • Play musical thrones
  • Design crowns at a craft table for all
  • Get fantastical with unicorns, pegasus, and other fantasy creatures

It’s Summertime 

Wild and wonderful summertime party decorations 

There’s nothing like a summer pool party. When the temperature is warm, kids love to spend time in the pool or outside. There are so many ways to make a pool party unique and fun, so focus your summertime theme on “under the sea”, mermaids, fish, or tropical scenery. 

A pool party can, of course, include a pool but if you aren’t set up to host a pool party, you could try one of the following instead: 

  • Set up a homemade slip and slide
  • Rent a splash pad
  • Use your sprinkler to your advantage! 

How are you going to host your 4-year-old’s party? Tell us in the comments! 

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