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My Fireplace Is Ready For Halloween!

Happy early Halloween!  I’m trying to keep life as on-track as possible for the girls right now.  I’m 39, yes 39, weeks pregnant today. We just had so much fun decorating the fireplace!  In case you don’t remember my fireplace before we white washed it, here is that post.  You might notice that we added a little molding around the old thin mantle (thank you, dad).


I was inspired by a Pin on Pinterest and then added a little of my own flair.  Unfortunately, there was no link for me to link up to my inspiration, so nobody to credit unfortunately.

It all started with a black lit wreath provided by Treetopia.  From there, we had to decorate the wreath and then all around it on the fireplace.  Here is a close-up:



If I like something from Pinterest, I love to know where each element of the décor came from since I don’t really have the time to guess and go around to 10 different stores.  With that in mind, here is where each item was purchased:

I hope you like the fireplace!  Happy Fall, Y’all!



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