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DIY Canvas Prints

Michael’s Doller days is this week!  Yay!   This is like Christmas for a crafter like me!I have already gone twice this week!  My favorite deal this week is the two pack 16in x 20in canvases for $5.  If you dont like that size, you should know all the other canvases are 40% off this week.  Check out their dollar deal sale here.

So I bought a canvas for each of my boys to have fun with and then a pack for me to play with.

I made these easy tropical leaf prints for $8 total.  $5 for the canvases and $3 for the spray paint (after using my 40% off coupon found here).  My guest room walls were pretty bare so I am thrilled to have something to put on them and give the room some more color.  They took all of one minute to make.

1.  Pick a leaf with come good texture to it and grab your canvases.


2.  Put your leaf on your canvas


3.  Spray paint around it




Seriously, that is it.  Quick, easy, and inexpensive.



Here are the boys’ creations.  I hung them in the toy room.  They look great and the boys were excited about having them hung up.


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