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Cute Personalized Wreath

So I have this very, very talented friend.  The kind that makes all five of her kids halloween costumes herself every year… the kind that can sew extravagant Easter dresses for her little girls… seriously she can do pretty much everything.  Did I mention that she also, plays the flute, the piano, sings, and is an amazing photographer?

Anyway, I love this very talented friend of mine and got to visit her for the first time in two years… sadly we live 2000 miles apart.  I noticed the adorable wreath on her door.

“Hey that is cute, where did you get it?”

“Oh duh… of course you made it.”

I love looking through her house to get ideas on what to do with my empty walls.

Oh yeah… back to the wreath.

She made this using one of the straw wreaths shown on Amazon here and a bunch of coffee filters.  You just scrunch up the coffee filters and glue them on all around your wreath.  Then add any accessory you want to go with it.  She said you could also use a foam wreath to make it.

I love the personalization!  It is good to have a friend so talented!  I hope I can get her out to Florida to help me pick out some stuff for my new house…  if I ever get one that is!  🙂  I am only a little anxious to get moving on the house hunting.

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