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Brownie Christmas Trees!

Merry Christmas!!!!  I love this time of year!  So many yummy goodies and happiness all around!

I love to see so people around the world united in celebrating the birth of the Savior.  It is so magical.  People collecting gifts and food and giving to others.  The happiness this season spreads such feelings of peace during difficult times.

It always amazes me!

This year we drove from Florida to Northern Virginia to celebrate Christmas.  We have been busy meeting up with good friends and family.  I made these yummy Christmas tree brownies to bring to dinner at a friends house.

Just make your favorite brownies and cut them into triangles using a pizza cutter.  Have fun decorating them with your kiddos!

We had such a good time making them even though we left them sitting on the counter when we left for our friends. Ha!  Doesn’t the thought count more than actually remembering to bring the goodies along???  My mom got to take them to work to pass out to her coworkers instead!






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