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Book Review: The Boleyn Inheritance


So I just moved into the new house (FINALLY!!!!) last week… literally.  I am not settled enough to cook or craft up anything just yet, but I can never go without a good book!  I love reading, especially when life gets crazy!

I just finished this Philippa Gregory book.  I love all her books!  I find her writing interesting, well researched, and addicting.  Once I start her books I hardly put them down until I finish.  I particularly loved The Boylen Inheritance because it really gives you a feel for King Henry VIII’s lesser known 4th and 5th wives.

It seems like King Henry’s first two wives are the ones we hear most about.  Queen Catherine of Aragon, the first Queen to be divorced by the King so he could marry Anne Boleyn ,whom he later publicly beheaded.  It was so interesting to read this next book about King Henry VIII’s wives following the famously beheaded Queen Anne.

This book tells the story of Queen Mary of Cleves and the very young Queen Katherine Howard.  It continues with the character of Jane Rochford (sister-in-law and Lady in Waiting to Queen Anne Boleyn) as started in The Other Boleyn Girl.  It tells of their lives at court while  married to the notorious “wife killer” King Henry VIII, who married six times and survived the death of four wives.

Loved the story and the research that went into this book!

I would recommend reading The Other Boleyn Girl first if you haven’t already.  It really gives you a lot of background on the characters.

For all those Philippa Gregory fans out there, her next book is available for pre-order on Amazon.  It is comes out July 23rd!  I can’t wait!  This next book is called The White Princess and is the next in the Cousins War series.  It is all about Princess Elizabeth and her fate after her father, King Edward, dies and her mother is cast out of the Royal Court.

Coming out July 23rd!

Coming out July 23rd! So excited!!!!

Here are few other Philippa Gregory books I recommend:

The White Queen_ A Novel (The Cousins_ War)_ Philippa Gregory_ 9781451602050_ Amazon.com_ Books

The Red Queen (Cousins_ War #2)_ Philippa Gregory_ 9781451656848_ Amazon.com_ Books

The Kingmaker_s Daughter (The Cousins_ War)_ Philippa Gregory_ 9781451626087_ Amazon.com_ Books

The Other Boleyn Girl_ Philippa Gregory_ 9780743269834_ Amazon.com_ Books

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