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Birthday Party Ideas for a 6-Year-Old

When your kid is turning six, it’s such a fun age, because their birthday is the BEST day as far as they’re concerned and they’re super excited about everything about it. Of course, you want their party to be amazing, and the best part is, kids are so enthusiastic that the sky’s the limit. We’ve outlined a few ideas for kids parties below so you can make sure that 6 is the best birthday ever!


  • Activities: Have a sandbox set up for archeological investigations. Bury some plastic dinos and have the kids take them home as party favors! You can also bury some “dino eggs” with candy or other small prizes. 
  • Adults: Adults can enjoy an adult beverage in a dinosaur cup that they can take home.
  • Cake: To make a dinosaur cake, you can bake a regular round cake, frost with green and blue frosting, and set dinosaurs up as though they’re grazing! You can also include ground-up Oreos as “dirt”.
  • Gifts: Dinosaur themed gifts
    • A dinosaur-themed play mat with dinosaur figures
    • A dinosaur fossil egg play set
    • Dinosaur book and toy play set

Beach Bash

  • Activities: Have a limbo, make your own lei, and have the kids decorate their own flip flops or crocs!
  • Adults: Parents can decorate their own stemless, silicone wine glass, and enjoy a Blue Hawaiian during the party.
  • What to Wear: The kids (and adults!) can get into the spirit with grass skirts for the girls and Hawaiian shirts for the boys. Everyone gets sunglasses too!
  • Cake: For the cake, you can bake a sheet cake, frost it with blue frosting on one side, and graham cracker crumbs on the other. Add in mini “beach” umbrellas on the sand side using little drink umbrellas and Swedish fish in the water!
  • Gift Ideas
    • Ocean life book
    • Beach toys
    • Water Gun Toy

The party shouldn’t last too much longer than 2 hours at that age- that’s probably the max you and the other parents will be able to take! Within that time frame, you’ll have time to do a couple of activities, eat cake, open presents, and let the kids work off their sugar rush.

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