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Bad Days Are Inevitable

I get a kick out of people’s Facebook posts.  Some are always stating how perfect their kids and life are.  Ain’t that some bull.  I actually pity them for feeling like they need to cover up the hard days of motherhood.  It’s not always easy…. remember that.  Being a stay at home mom is especially hard sometimes because you don’t get a break.

Some days consist of your kids throwing tantrums, not listening, crying for no reason, skipping naps, fighting with siblings, spilling drinks or just wanting to be held all day.  Trust me, the list goes on and on….. and on.

I recently read a post that I could actually relate to and it was real:

there are magical days when the baby wakes up in a good mood, everyone is smiling, games are played, crafts are made, things get done around the house, and there are even a few moments of “me time” to do whatever I want…

today is not one of those days.

I loved the punch line.  It’s so true.

Here’s my advice: Once the kids are in bed and you’ve gained your sanity back, go check on them.  That’s what I do.  Trust me, your difficult day is suddenly refreshed.  I did this the other day and look what I found:

10 month old sleeping

My 10 month old sleeping.

two year old sleeping

My energetic two year old sleeping.

Heck, you will probably look back when they’re grown and wish you had those bad days all over again.




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