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A Weird Mommy Moment!

With three boys (6yrs, 3yrs, and 2yrs old) I am not often surprised.  Most of the shenanigans they pull just make me shrug my shoulders and think, “hhhmmm, business as usual.”

I found while talking to my next door neighbor (she has three adorable girls aged 7 and under) and some of my other friends with girls, that the shenanigans my kids are pulling aren’t anywhere near normal or ordinary to her.

Although it isn’t even 3:30pm yet, I thought I would share my three most interesting events of the day.

I am having company over this whole week so I decided to do walk through the house and make sure things were mostly put together.  I got to one of the bedrooms that my two year old and three year old share.  I started to straighten their blankets on their bunk beds and found a couple toys.  By the time I finished making both their beds, this is the toy stash I had found… all in their beds!

The complete stash of toys I found hidden in their beds!

Those little sneaks!  This is one of those times where I am unsure if I should be deeply disappointed in their sneakiness, or secretly proud as sneaking this amount of toys and keeping it all hidden took an enormous amount of planning.  Their bedroom is on the top floor of the house and the toy room is two floors down in the basement.  It must have taken them several trips each to carry all these upstairs in their little hands.

A little later my six year old wanted to color.  Great!  He can color with his brothers (they almost always want to do whatever he does) and I can keep cleaning.  Ten minutes go by and he brings in a fortune teller he has made from paper… remember those!  Yep, the kids are still doing them!  Anyway, he wants me to play and I am more than happy to see what interesting things he has written inside.  Here is what my future foretold!

In case you can't read the six year old writing, this tells me that I will poop my pants in the near future

So later on, the boys have two of their best friends over to play.  I am organizing a little in the office and over hear their conversation.  It went a little something like this,

“You better tell my mom.”
“Why do I have to tell her?”
“You broke it, you should have to tell her.”
“Why can’t you just tell her?”
“Because I didn’t break it, you did.”

At this point my anticipation got the better of me and I decided to see just what had been broken this time (again, with three boys this is really not surprising in the least).  I was very happy to find out that the broken item in question was just a catalog rather than the hanging light fixture (that was broken just a couple months ago from a flying tennis ball).

Anyway,  this is my life.  I hope it brings you a smile.  For me it is just the standard occupational hazard of life with three little monkeys… and I wouldn’t trade it for the world!

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