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A Couple Cute Christmas Crafts

Christmas crafts are so fun! The kids love them, I love them, what’s not to love! This past week I did these foot and hand print Rudolphs (my six year said it looked more like a moose…. haha).  Anyway, the kids were hysterical during it.

Rudolph or Moose? You decide!

The kids giggled like crazy when I helped them paint their feet.  “It’s cold” , “That tickles” ,  “Look at me” , “How will I walk now” , “Hehehehe.”  We had a lot of fun!

I did the project on the kitchen floor. I thought it would be easier than at the table, but in actuality I think having them sit on a short stepping stool would have worked best.

Foot and Hand Print Rudolph
So this one is so simple… it is pretty much self explanatory.  Get one foot print and two hand prints.  Cut them out. Glue them together.  Glue on some eyes and use a finger dipped in red paint for the nose.

Holiday Wreaths
The kids also painted and decorated little wreaths to hang up on their doors.  They thought they were pretty cool and tried them out on practically every door.  Cute little monkeys!  Got to love the Christmas excitement though!  I used a paper plate with the center cut out, green paint, and some circles cut from construction paper.

Note the cool dude spiked hair… I so love this cool little guy!

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