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Turkey Made out of a Pine Cone

fun pine cone activity

Look at this cute turkey!

First, before I write anything else, I apologize for the pictures.  I only had my cell phone with me when the craft was being made.

Who’s got the most creative friend?!?!?!  I do, I do!  My friend Brooke and I hang out all the time, it’s more at my house just because of location.  She comes here, the girls play whatever and we chit chat.  We go there and she has amazing activities planned for the girls.  This is just one of those activities.

I arrive to her house (she lives on an AMAZING 20 acre farm) and she has the girls buckets ready for their adventure!  The first step was for them to go find two pine cones that she hid (of course they were in obvious places).

girls on a mission for pine cone

And they are off to find their pine cones!

This is the base for the turkey, yes I’m captain obvious.

Pine cone

Ella found hers!

If you are a blog junkie of ours, notice she’s wearing her sweater from the consignment sale!

Next, they went and started putting their turkey together.

You need:
pine cone
paper to trace both hands
turkey paint colors
eyes, beak, gizzard cut outs
two orange pipes
hot glue gun

turkey hand paint

Here is Ella getting her hand painted for the back feathers.

Brooke painted her hand twice.  Once all red and the next time she painted two of her fingers different colors.

hand print for turkey pine cone

Here are the supplies and what the hand prints looked like before she cut them.

She had already had the beak, gizzard and eyes cut out for us.  So, we worked on the feet next.

turkey foot

Here is the foot, you just bend it to make it look like this!

Now, since your hand prints are just about dry cut them out and glue everything on the pine cone. Wahhlaaaaa!  Such a fun and cute craft!



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