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Review: ICE Shrek the Halls

I guess before I even really start this post, I want to tell you: if you have an unlimited flow of money and want to freeze your butt off then go, if not, stay home (definitely call me negative Nancy on this one).  Yes, it was something cool to see, but totally not worth $100 for our evening event.  Feel free to leave comments if you disagree!  This post is for ICE Shrek the Halls at the National Harbor in Maryland, just outside of D.C.


This is what I mean about throwing money away.  Luckily, we didn’t have to pay for my 1 and 3 year old (pricing starts at age 4).  From this screenshot, you can get an idea of how much two adults are.  This doesn’t include the at least $10 you’ll spend on parking at the Gaylord.  Call me bitter if you wish about pricing, but for 4 SMALL rooms of ice, it isn’t worth it.  Save your money!

Notice the “internet fee”. There is also an extra charge there.

So here we go, with parking and our tickets, we are at $75.

After ICE, we ate dinner in the Gaylord Hotel.  We went to National Pastime Sports Bar and Grill.  If you want mediocre food and to pay $8.96 per kids meal, then eat there!  The one cool part about this was that “it snows” at 6:30 every evening and we were able to see it from our table.

What You Get to See

Here are some pics of inside ICE:

Some of the exhibits are cool.

Note that my 1 year old was pretty much miserable because it was FREEZING (obviously to keep exhibits looking good), but when I say freezing, they told us it was 9 degrees in there.  They give you coats on top of us having our own, but they don’t fit well with other heavy coats on.  HINT:  IF YOU GO, BRING GLOVES, HATS, SCARFS, EXTRA SOCKS, BOOTS, AND ANYTHING WARM.

The one cool part of the 4 rooms you get to see:

The slides.

Slide inside ICE.


Slide inside ICE.

We did go during the week so it was less crowded, however they didn’t have all the slides open because of it, so there were still lines for the slides.

Final Thoughts

Sorry for being so negative.  I know there is still some more days for you to experience the exhibit, but I for sure will never do it again.  Maybe if it was $12 per person, I would think it would be worth it, but not for $31.50.  If you want to experience the Inner Harbor, definitely go to the Gaylord, watch the snow fall, ride the train or even build your own Gingerbread House (I saw a Certifikid for that), but save your money on ICE.  Here is a link for everything the Gaylord offers (it is a BEAUTIFUL HOTEL).

And after all this and my poopy feelings… I do hope you had a Merry Christmas and will have a Happy New Year!

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