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Personalizing Your Thank You Card!

I recently received a thank you email from a friend’s party.  It wasn’t your ordinary thank you card like these:

Thank You card

These cards are nice, but they aren't personalized. Sure, you can say thanks, but can you show it?!?!

It was an email of her son playing with the toys we got him along with him wearing his outfit!  This takes a little thought, but it really does show the child enjoying their gift.  It makes it special.  I mean face it, most people read the ordinary cards and throw them right in the trash.  It is great and you should send a note of thanks, but adding a personal touch makes it fun.

I recently did this for my daughter’s 1st birthday (a much bigger post on that later).  Here are few thank you’s:

Thanks Jasmine, Roman and Ryker for my edusquares!

thank you card

Thanks Aunt Jane for the blocks!

Thank you Aunt Angela for my splash table!

Thank you to the Hinckley's for my puzzle!

How cute is this?!  It really only takes a moment and it will make your gift giver smile!

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