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Patriotic Strawberries — Happy Memorial Day!


You’re probably wondering why I’m posting this on Memorial Day night.  Well, July 4th is just around the corner and these are the PERFECT thing to make.  People are so impressed when my husband makes these.  He actually made these for two cookouts this weekend.

Red, white and blue strawberries

Look amazing and delicious!

Let’s just say that these are a lot easier to make than they may seem.

All you need is:

Small bag of white chocolate chips
Small bag of semisweet chocolate chips
2 tablespoons canola or vegetable oil
blue sugar crystals – found in baking aisle with sprinkles

All you do is:
Put chocolate and one tablespoon of oil into bowl.  Microwave for 30 seconds, stir the best you can.  Microwave again for 30-50 seconds.  Stir like no other.  You want to stir really well because it helps them get shiny on the outside.

Dip them in the chocolate and put them on wax paper to dry.

For the white chocolate, striped strawberries.  Dip about 4 and then dip them in the blue sugar crystals (this gives them time to harden a little, but not too much so the sprinkles still stick).

Refrigerate and wait to enjoy at your next get together!



Presentation is everything!

*** Side note: Oftentimes my husband will put coconut on the chocolate strawberries.  YUM!

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