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Make Your Own Wreath for $10

After seeing how much a decorated wreath costs, I decided I wanted to make my own.  I am not especially crafty, but I like to try. 🙂  I was very proud of my results… yes, I am still bragging!  I have already bragged to everyone I know (that includes picture texts to my sisters in Florida and anyone else who comes to my door).  Yes, I am just that dorky proud.  🙂I was checking out prices and to get a wreath similar to mine it would cost $35.  I made mine for so much cheaper!  I wish I would have saved the receipt so I could show you how little I spent.  I got the supplies at Michaels.  I went the day before Thanksgiving when all of their Christmas stuff went on sale. Everything was 50% – 70% off (including the ribbon). They also let me use a 25% off my total purchase coupon that came in the weekend mailer.  So fun, so easy!  You basically just pick out the pieces you like and design them around the wreath, then glue them in.  I only bought one set of red berries and then cut the stems to make more pieces.

Before I made this wreath I had no idea even how to tie a bow. Haha… yes, I meant what I said about not being especially crafty.  Anyway, I watched this How-to video and it was so easy!  I actually used two different ribbons at the same time, but still did the exact same steps as shown below.  Beautiful and oh so easy!

Here are a few more wreaths I made.  I made these for $6.50 each since I already had the ribbon.



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