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Harris Teeter’s Frugal Finds

Now that I’m a SAHM, we need to save in any way possible.  We try to eat out like never.  If we do, we mostly have restaurant dot coms, groupons or living socials.  I also try to save as much money as I can on groceries.

Let me tell you straight up… I’m no extreme couponer, but I do love getting good deals. This week, Harris Teeter will double all of their coupons up to $1.99 (meaning if you have a $1.50 coupon, it is now $3.00 off).

I did my research and clipped out a lot of coupons and printed a lot off coupons dot com.  I honestly hate signing up for subscriptions to get a coupon, it’s not worth it to me for them to fill my inbox and then me finally getting to it months later to unsubscribe.  So, this is my first trip this week.  I think Jamie is going too and I’m excited to see her finds!

Groceries for cheap

Total for all of these groceries = $19.92

I got all of these groceries for $19.92.  Some of the free items were the jello, chips, tic tacs, and the extra gum.  All of these items were on sale at the store, plus I had the coupon.

Some of the great finds:
The two natural bliss creamers were $.29 each.
Dressing was $.14.
Activia was $1 for all three.
Season all was $.29 each

The rest was really good deals, just not crazy good deals like above.  My worst find was the sausage where I still spent $2.50 per sausage, so that is $5.00 of the bill right there.

If you don’t have a Teeter, I see blogs all over that use many of the other grocery stores as well (Publix, Bloom, Kroger, etc).  You can do it!  It takes effort, but you will be so happy you did it when you are all done shopping!

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