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DIY Burlap and Cork Board Frames

We are finally settled into the house enough for me to start doing some crafts!  Yay!  I hope to never ever move again.  It is so much work and its seems that all my furniture gets a little bit more beat up with each move.

Anyway, you might have seen this project floating around pinterest from shopcraftwarehouse.blogspot.com.  I love it!  I love how easy it is to change out the pictures!  I have such a hard time choosing between pics anyway so this display makes it super easy to switch out picutres.



The original blogger used spray paint, magnets and metal sheets, but I didn’t want to deal with that so I used cork board under mine so that I could pin up the pictures instead of put them up with a magnet.  It just seemed a lot simpler.



  • 3 Square frames (I used 10 x 10 with 8 x 8 photos, but 12 x 12 would look great too)
  • Wood letter of your last name (found at any craft store)
  • Acrylic paint color of your choice (I used beige)
  • Cork board roll or squares (found at any craft store or on Amazon for $5.94)
  • Burlap roll (found at any craft store)
  • Hot glue gun

*** Paint your letter.  Carefully remove glass from all three frames.  Cut cork into squares to fit your frame and glue to inside cardboard backing of the frame.  Cut burlap to fit the frames you picked out and glue the corners unto the previously glued cork board squares.  Glue your wood letter to the middle of own of the cork squares.  Put your frames back together again and use any thumb tac to put up your square photos.


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