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Universal Studios with Young Kids

I have a 7yr old, 5yr old, and a 3yr old.  We just moved to Florida late August and have slowly been making our way through the different tourist sites and amusement parks here. We did Disney, Sea World, and the water parks first and we have just now made our way through Universal.  We […]

Easter Seals Fashion Show!

I just attended my first Easter Seals Benefit last week.  This benefit is a fashion show that benefits children with disabilities in Florida.  My sister’s law firm buys tickets to the event every year and this year I got to go as her guest!  It was so much fun! First you get all dolled up. […]

Crazy Kids!

We have had a busy week!  We went to the beach earlier this week.  I think my three year old scratched his eye rubbing it with sand.  You know how the little ones get the sand all over their hands and then rub their face?!?!! By Thursday we were in the doctor’s office to have […]

Teaching Multiplication!

Last November my 2nd grader set a goal to memorize all this multiplication tables.  He memorized them in order until he had memorized all the way up to 12!  We told him when he started that we would all go out to ice cream once he memorized them all. Read this article on How to Teach your […]

Cheesy, Spinach, Spaghetti Squash!

Spaghetti squash is so yummy and can be cooked so many different ways!  We have been cutting down on carbs lately and trying to eat more veggies!  Spaghetti squash is a great carb substitute!  We regularly use it in place of pasta in our spaghetti.  So yum! This recipe has been floating around pinterest lately […]

10 Ways to Get Active with Your Kids!

Trying to be active as a family can be daunting!  I have not been great at it in the past, but have set my goals much higher this year!  Previously, we would all work on being active on our own;  I would take kickboxing and zumba classes at the gym, Danny would run, and the […]

Broccoli, Grape, Pasta Salad

This is the perfect dish for your next gathering or pot luck.  It makes a lot, is served cold, and is delicious!  The bacon is awesome in it and even my brother-in-law went back for thirds. All three of my boys are playing sports this season and we have 4 games a week, plus practices. […]

The Best Zucchini Lasagna

New Year’s resolutions here I come!  The story of my life right!  It’s not like I don’t want to eat healthy, because I do… Its just that when I cook something healthy I really want it to taste like fried chicken!  Too much to ask?!?!?! We are all trying to lead healthy more active lives […]

Book Review: Stephen King’s 11/23/63

I know I dont often do book reviews on this site… it is because I like to save them for books I especially enjoyed!  This one is definitely in this category! I loved it!!! Historical fiction novels have always been my thing, but this book is especially great because it is historical fiction with a bit a […]

Macaroni Grill’s Penne Rustica!

What is with this icky flu stuff going around?  It seems like everyone I know has had it… including everyone in my family.  It has been pretty awful really!  After nursing myself, hubby, and kids for the last two weeks through this nasty virus, I was ready for some real comfort food. Pasta is always […]