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Enchanted Mommy’s Easter Crafts

Below, I’m linking to three Easter crafts and two yummy treats. Easter is right around the corner (March 31), so live it up before it gets here! I just think this craft is so adorable.  It would even make a great party favor with some candy in it!   Check out this Bunny craft!   […]

A Day In The Life Of A Stay At Home Mom

The moms that don’t stay at  home might not ever want to after reading this. Here’s how my day went today.  It usually goes at this pace pretty much every day.  I hope I don’t scare anyone away from having kids! 7:45: Wake up courtesy of my 3 year old…. Before you judge me, wait […]

An Easter Craft – Bunny Puppet Made Out Of A Paper Bag

Winter can seriously peace out.  I’M OVER IT!!!!  While being stuck in the house today, my 3 year old and I made this cute bunny that I found here: All you need is: Plus, you’ll need some scissors and a hot glue gun.  So simple to make, yet so adorable! After this, I just got […]

My New Year’s Resolution – Keep Those Nails Pretty

I haven’t written much on here about my resolution, only because I think it might be a kind of odd or even vein {sort of???} resolution.  The whole healthy and super active lifestyle option was out the window since I’m pushing 6 months pregnant.  So, I took the make-me-feel-good-while-I’m-getting-fat approach.  I chose to keep my […]

Make Your Own Popcorn And Save Tons

Here are the 5 easy steps to making your own popcorn without spending a fortune on the portioned bags from the store! Just buy the huge bag of popcorn kernels (the everyday price on 32 oz. at my grocery store was $1.97). Pour 1/4 cup kernels into a brown paper […]

Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes – Valentine’s Style

I’ve been wanting to practice some delicious new cupcakes for my almost 2 year old’s (seriously WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE??) birthday.  Everyone notices how delish the icing is and could often care less about the taste of the cake, sad but true.  Also, today my husband wanted a cheat day from his strict Paleo […]

Meatza: South Beach Friendly

Last week husband was gone for 6 days on a business trip.  He came back feeling awful and needed a little detox from all the eating out and high carb meals.  So, now he’s trying to really limit his carbs.  Tonight I made him some meatza.  It’s like pizza, but without the crust and instead […]

Wanna Lose That Baby Weight?? I Did It, You Can Too!

I’m writing this post because I’m once again 5 months pregnant. We will have three girls in less than four years (my poor, poor, poor husband).  With this said, my oldest two are only 21 months apart and I lost every pound (by working SO hard) in between them and I lost every pound plus […]

Mini Cucumber Sandwiches

Happy {late} New Year!  I think this is the first New Year’s in about 4 years that I’ve made it til midnight.  We had some of my friends over and it helped that we both have a one and three year olds to run around the house until they crashed at around 11:30.  The three […]

Review: ICE Shrek the Halls

I guess before I even really start this post, I want to tell you: if you have an unlimited flow of money and want to freeze your butt off then go, if not, stay home (definitely call me negative Nancy on this one).  Yes, it was something cool to see, but totally not worth $100 […]